What is the best marking tool?


The Verdict:
Old school marking pencils are still the strongest marking tool with the easiest to see the line in all conditions.

We tested old school vs. new school in this very simple construction marking tool shootout. We tested the brand new Milwaukee InkZALL marker, the classic Sharpie, a #2 pencil and a Dixon construction pencil. All produced a nice easy to read line on bare dry wood but when we added water to simulate rain and sawdust to simulate debris, the Dixon marking pencil came out on top every time!

Take the video for what it’s worth and make your decisions based on what you like best but we will stick to the classic old-school pencil. They’re cheap, easy to find and work in all conditions.


These short marking clips were taken in the “perfect wood scenario” using a dry 2×4 with no dust, debris, water or dirt. All of the marking tools we used on dry wood worked well. The sharpie and the Milwaukee InkZALL ink markers made the easiest to see lines while the Dixon marking pencil also showed strong thin consistent markings.

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